SND PorzellanManufaktur

Hainstr. 60

D-63526 Erlensee/Germany

SND is a specialist for high quality porcelain mugs made in Germany and Europe, we work exclusively with

white hard porcelaine.

- Our decoration plant is located in Thuringia/Germany.

- Our commitment to quality starts at customer service. We’re there for you – always up close, personal and determined to find the best solution for each of your wishes.

- This is where manufacturing starts for us – in the hands of our experienced and creative customer consultants and designers. 

- Finishing your advertising mug in our state-of-the-art facilities is a masterpiece. Every single detail is important.

Each mug is finished manually, for them to be perfectly prepared to do what they’re supposed to: shine, literally and metaphorically. To stay in your customers’ cupboards – and brains. 

Try us and prepare to be impressed.

Porcelain that creates contacts