As an exhibitor at Myvendo Fair, you dont just rent some square meters!
We give you a fair out of the ordinary - read about it here.

Opening hours:

Wednesday, March 5, 2025 at 9:00 - 17:00 and Thursday, March 6, 2025 at. 9:00 - 16:00



Myvendo Fair is Scandinavia's largest trade fair for promotion products and advertising.

The exhibitors are manufacturers, wholesalers and agencies from all over Europe within: Promotional gifts, Promotion products, Sign production, Textile printing and embroidery as well as Promotional textiles and Corporate clothing.

The visitors at the fair are Scandinavian dealers and distributors of Promotional products, Corporate clothing, Advertising and Event agencies as well as Embroidery and Textile printers, and Sign companies.

Visitors have free entry and the opening hours are:

Wednesday, March 5, 2025 at 09:00 - 17:00

Thursday, March 6, 2025 at 09:00 - 16:00

Venue: Odense Congress Center, Hall C, Oerbaekvej 350. 5220 Odense S. Denmark.

CONTACT: You are always welcome to contact us. Send an e-mail or call +45 2720 0508.


We are already working on drawing the hall plan for Myvendo Fair 2025

When exhibiting at the Myvendo Fair you get much more than just a few square meters and a couple of walls. 

Regardless of whether you want to meet new customers or nurture your existing ones, you should consider a stand at the Myvendo Fair.
Remember that the promotion fair gives you the opportunity to network with potential customers and colleagues.

You can show your latest trends, technologies, and products from your collection and introduce yourself to dealers and distributors of promotional products, advertising and event agencies, as well as textile printers, embroidery suppliers, and signage companies.
Don't miss out on a stand at the Myvendo Fair, where you get much more than just a few square meters.

The layout of Myvendo Fair is unique, with short aisles that all start and end in the central coffee area, which always attracts many people. Almost all stands are built with at least 2 open sides, making them more inviting to visitors. We offer you a complete stand package, which includes: white stand walls, carpeting, powerful LED spotlights above the booth, 220V power outlet, and free coffee, tea, and water throughout the fair, including the build day.

You get a fair beyond the ordinary.

 Nice to know about your stand:

1: STAND WITH MINIMUM 2 OPEN SIDES, which means that you have a stand that is open and inviting.

2: FREE CARPET, you can choose between 5 standard colors: Gray, Black, Red, Blue, or Green.

3: FREE BASIC LIGHTING ABOVE YOUR STAND, you have 1 LED spot per 9m2, in the ceiling over your stand.

4: FREE POWER SUPPLY, you have 1 power socket for a PC or phone charging.

5: ALL VISITORS WILL PASS YOUR STAND, just like in amusement parks, we have designed the aisles so that visitors are led around the entire fair and past all stands.

6: 1 FREE LEAD SCAN APP COMES WITH EACH STAND, you can use your smartphone to collect data on your visitors by scanning their name tags. You get one user for free and can purchase more if needed.

 Nice to know about activities on the fair:

1: SHOWPOINTs, are zones with news and products. It is free to submit products and news.

2: TAKE AWAY SAMPLES, where you can have a basket for samples and giveaways. It is free to participate, and you deliver your samples to us. We have set up baskets with your company name and booth number.

3: UNDER THE CHRISTMAS TREE, the grand-scale Christmas gift ideas. Here, you can get a free podium to showcase your best Christmas gift idea for Christmas 2024. Your company name and booth number will be displayed on the podium.

4: PROFILE PAGE ON MYVENDOFAIR.DK, is a free service on the exhibitor's page on our official website.

5: DISCOUNT ON ADVERTISEMENTS ON PROMOTIONCREATOR.DK, which is Denmark's online industry magazine. Here, you can market your products and participation in Myvendo Fair well in advance.


 Nice to know about the service at the fair:

1: FREE COFFEE, TEA, WATER, AND CHIPS FOR EVERYONE, our coffee bar is open throughout the entire fair, and you can get as much coffee or tea as you can drink, completely free.

2: FREE ADMISSION, both exhibitors and visitors have free admission to Myvendo Fair. Both visitors and exhibitors simply need to book an admission ticket.

3: FREE PARKING, you will easily find a parking space. Odense Congress Center has 1500 free parking spaces for both exhibitors and visitors.

4: FREE WIFI, allover the venue. You will be provided with the password when you arrive at your stand.

5: MINGLE & NETWORK, on Wednesday evening, you have the opportunity to participate in the cozy networking event


Nice to know about promoting the fair:

MARKETING OF Myvendo Fair is done through newsletters to approximately 6,500 people in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, and Finland. We post news on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram. We also use material from your profile page in social media posts, so it is important for you to give us your profile information to update your profile page well in advance of the fair.

PROMOTION CREATOR online. You can take advantage of a beneficial discount agreement for a 6 months advertising plan before the fair in March. Myvendo Fair is also publishing the Danish online promotional magazine, with a monthly newsletter to approximately 6,500 people in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, and Finland, all working with promotion and advertising products.


We'd like to inform you about an exciting opportunity to make the most of your participation at Myvendo Fair.

We have established a catalogue bar at the North entrance by the reception, where you can place your sales catalogues for visitors to pick up, completely free of charge.


As an additional bonus, visitors can also take a free tote bag, making it easy for them to carry the catalogues they collect from the catalogue bar.

We encourage you to participate in this unique opportunity to promote your products and services. Remember to sign up for this free activity.

You can register on guide and signup, where you will find all the information on placing your catalogues.


Our popular focus area, which has great success with visiting distributors at Myvendo Fair.

Under the Christmas Tree is our important inspiration zone for exhibitors who want to maximize corporate Christmas gift sales for Christmas 2025. It is free to participate, and you get a unique opportunity to showcase your products and be a source of inspiration for distributors planning their Christmas 2025 activities.

We are proud to present a design and gift area buzzing with creativity and inspiration. As a participant, you will have an exhibition table where you can showcase your best Christmas gift ideas. Visitors will easily find your company name and stand number readily available at your display.

Book a stand now and reserve your spot at Under the Christmas Tree now and be part of the impressive area that will inspire and motivate your potential customers to include your gifts in their assortment of corporate Christmas gifts in 2025.



where all of our exhibitors can showcase new products and interesting products.

SHOWPOINTs is a must-see area for all the visitors at Myvendo Fair, who want to experience the latest trends and news from various exhibitors. As an exhibitor, you can present your newest and most exciting products in the SHOWPOINTs area, completely free of charge, allowing you to showcase what is hot and trendy in your collection.

The best part about SHOWPOINTs is that your own little area is clearly marked with your name and stand number. This makes it easier for customers to reach out to you and obtain more information about your products.

But that's not all! SHOWPOINTs is also part of the coffee bar, where everyone can enjoy a complimentary cup of coffee, tea with sweet treats while exploring the products of different exhibitors.

Book a stand now and sign up now for this free activity, and we will provide you with information on how we will set up SHOWPOINTs in 2025. Join us in showcasing the latest and most exciting promotional products for the promotion industry.


TAKE AWAY SAMPLEs at MYVENDO FAIR is a unique section where exhibitors can offer visitors a product as a free sample. It presents an excellent opportunity to generate interest in your company and product while providing visitors with a tangible sample, potentially featuring your company logo, to take home to their showroom.

In the TAKE AWAY SAMPLES area, we have prepared baskets labeled with your company name and stand number. Participation is free, and you are responsible for delivering the samples to us. We will fill a basket with your samples for the visitors and provide complimentary bags for them to take.

Don't miss out on this complimentary activity!

Book your stand now, and we will provide you with all the necessary practical details.



At many fairs you are charged a hefty fee for using a Lead Scan app, but not at Myvendo Fair, where a complimentary user is included in the stand price.

You can use your smartphone to collect data on your visitors by scanning their name badges.

Normally, this app costs € 107,- per user.

You will receive one free Lead Scan user with your booth at Myvendo Fair, and if you have multiple people at the booth, you can purchase additional users. price for extra users are € 107,- per user,

All instructions and guidelines will be provided by Odense Congress Center in January 2025, where you can also receive support for the system.

This is an excellent tool that has been highly successful for all exhibitors.

Make your participation at Myvendo Fair a success

by using Lead Scan!

Have you ever experienced the feeling of meeting exciting and interested potential customers at a trade fair or event, but not getting all their information recorded? Or losing your notes on the way home?

When exhibiting at the fair, it is important to collect the right contact information and take good notes about the visitors at your booth. With the Lead Scan app, you can easily and conveniently gather all the data in one place. Avoid these problems in the future by using Lead Scan. When participating at
MyVendo Fair, you can use the Lead Scan app for free, which efficiently captures valuable information for you.

It is important to collect data accurately, as you only have one chance to capture the customer's interest before they move on to the next exhibitor. Afterward, you need to ensure that the collected data is useful and relevant to your business, and that you have the correct contact information for the right individuals.

When you return home, the real work begins. With systematic data collection, you have a clear overview of when and who visited your booth. You have a consistent data foundation that clarifies the ownership of each lead, ready to be integrated into your company's CRM system.

By using the Lead Scan app, you'll enjoy the following benefits:

  • Significant time savings by digitizing hard-copy data with just a few clicks.
  • Systematic and consistent data that can be directly imported into your CRM system.
  • Ability to deliver materials such as PDF catalogs and price lists on the spot.
  • Option to record additional information about your visitors.
  • The app is provided by Eventbuizz, and support is available from Odense Congress Center.


Read a bit about our strategy for marketing the fair and how we help you get the most out of your participation at Myvendo Fair.

We have implemented a comprehensive marketing plan that is targeted and effective. We send targeted newsletters to approximately 3,500 relevant individuals in the Danish advertising industry. Additionally, we reach out to around 2,500 industry professionals in Norway, Sweden, and Finland. This ensures that we reach a broad and qualified audience interested in your products and services.

To increase our visibility and attract even more participants, we also utilize social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram. Here, we regularly share news and information about the fair, providing you with an additional platform to reach your target audience.

As a brand-new initiative, we offer a dedicated social media post where you are represented exclusively. Therefore, it's also important that you follow us on the fair's social media pages.

On our Myvendo Fair website, you also have a unique opportunity to promote your company. We will include your company logo and booth number on the exhibitor list, along with a link to your free profile page. Our skilled team will even upload and create your profile page at no cost. The profile page will contain all your contact information, a description of your company, and some product images. This is a fantastic way to generate awareness about your company and increase your visibility among potential customers.


Finally, Myvendo Fair also publishes the Danish industry magazine PROMOTION CREATOR online. This magazine reaches approximately 6,000 people in Scandinavia through a monthly newsletter. By promoting your company on Promotion Creator well in advance of the fair, you can generate interest in your products and company, thereby increasing your chances of success at the fair.


At MYVENDO FAIR, you'll always find a cozy restaurant.

Choose from street food with chicken, a poke bowl, or a noodle salad enjoyed at picnic tables in a casual and cozy surrounding. Enjoy your lunch over a good conversation with your colleagues in our welcoming informal street food restaurant.

We entrust the restaurant manager at Odense Congress Center to provide an exciting selection of dishes at reasonable prices, and we ensure a pleasant atmosphere in the restaurant.


When visiting Myvendo Fair,
you are welcome to the coffee bar for a cup of hot coffee or tea.
Coffee, tea, and delicious chocolate are free for everyone throughout the fair.

There's something particularly cozy about taking a break from the many impressions of the fair, sitting down, and enjoying a cup of coffee with colleagues and suppliers. It provides an opportunity to talk, share experiences, and build relationships in a relaxed way and as we say:

"Coffee is a hug in a mug."

In the coffee bar, you can also get free mineral water and snacks, and a chance to take a break and rest your legs.



Build up:

Tuesday March 4, at 08:00 - 22:00

Wednesday March 5, at 07:30 - 08:30

The fair is open for visitors:

Wednesday March 5, at 09:00 - 17:00

Thursday March 6, at 09:00 - 16:00


Thursday March 6,. at 16:00 - 22:00

Friday March 7, at 08:00 - 12:00

During build up and dismantling you have acces to the hall by the gates NORTH and SOUTH.

Please se our A-Z INFORMATION FOR EXHIBITORS . In this list you will find answer to almost any question you may have.


Odense Congress Center HALL C. Entrance NORTH, Oerbaekvej 350, 5220 Odense SO, Denmark.


Drive behind the JYSKE BANK ARENA, to find the parking area. Access to the fair is by  entrance NORTH. During build up, you can acces s the HALL C by gate North and gate South. Upon arrival please go to the reception for getting your exhibitor card. Please remember to register all staff on your stand and please do it in good time befor the fair.


Remember to follow myvendofair on LinkedIn, FaceBook and Instagram. Sign up for our newsletter. This will keep you updated on latest news and information. All important information about your participation and your stand will be communicated by email, directly to you.


it is easy to get to Odense. Odense Congress Center is located close to the Highway E20. If you are arriving from abroad, you can fly in to Copenhagen Airport, and go by train to Odense. Trains depart towards Odense approx. every hour. From the Odense Train Station you only have a short trip by taxi to Odense Congress Center.



Meet n Eat is the theme of the event where we turn networking up a notch, offering a cozy evening with a buffet and soothing DJ lounge music. After dinner, with conversations and enjoyment, you can continue networking in the cozy basement bar.


  • We will meet at the conference hall SJÆLLAND in OCC hotel lobby at around 19:00.
  • At 19:15, the doors will open for a delicious buffet and a cozy evening.
  • Your first glass of wine, beer, or water is included in the ticket price and will be served at your table.
  • Afterward, you can purchase additional drinks at the bar.
  • Dinner ends with coffee and dessert at approximately 21:30 - 22:00.
  • The cozy basement bar at OCC will open at 22:00 and close around 01:00.

MENU 2024:

Your first glass of wine, beer, or water is included in the ticket price and will be served at your table. Afterward, you can purchase additional drinks at the bar.

Dinner will conclude with coffee and dessert at approximately 21:30 - 22:00.

We will be serving a delicious buffet featuring:

  • Cold-smoked salmon with smoked cheese cream from Funen, radishes, crispy salad, and dill.
  • Ham from Funen with tomato relish, cornichon, and olives.
  • Medium fried beef sirlion with thyme, garlic and coarse herbs.
  • Skin-fried free-range chicken with lemon and rosemary.
  • Veal gravy made from organic apple juice and coarse-grained mustard.
  • Pan-fried baby potatoes with butter and herbs.
  • Seasonal green salad with dressing.
  • Scallion salad with citrus vinaigrette, wheat kernels, peas, radishes, and parsley.
  • Apple cake with apples from Funen, macaroons, and whipped cream, served with coffee and tea.


When you order your tickets, they are sent to each individual participant, and you will receive an order confirmation from Myvendo Fair with the names of the participants for you to verify. Afterwards, we will send you the invoice.


Book your hotel.

Odense Congress Center has reserved a limited number of hotel rooms with a discount. You can choose between OCC Hotel Odense at the fair or Hotel Odeon in the city - use the booking code MyVendo25 to get your discount. Please note that there is a limited number of rooms at the discount price and that the deadline is 9 January 2025.

Remember that you book and pay directly at the hotel.

Odense Congress Center reserves the right for sold-out rooms.



At MYVENDO FAIR #8 at Odense Congress Center, we were buzy from the early morning.

132 exhibitors from 14 contries were happy to meet the many enthusiastic dealers who had found their way to Odense Congress Center in March.

The hall C buzzed with life and happiness, 132 exhibitors from 14 countries, and 1200 people visited Myvendo Fair.

We are already looking forward to welcome you at Myvendo Fair 2025.


Click the button below and go to the exhibitors list for 2024.


Follow Myvendo Fair on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn, and sign up for our newsletter. Then you are well prepared for the fair


In August 2020 we launched a Danish magazine especially for the promotional industry in Denmark.

The magazine is: PROMOTION CREATOR, and it is published 12 times a year, along with the monthly newsletter.

The purpose of our new online magazine is to create a forum where we can share current news, industry information, product knowledge, and everything else that is of interest to people in the promotional industry.

The language is Danish and the magazine is distributed to approx 6000 people in Scandinavia, working with promotional products.



Back in 1991, Lisbeth and I started Adverties -  our company that sells accessories for uniforms and corporate clothing.

We have always had a passion for creating a place where producers and dealers of promotional gifts, promotional items, and corporate clothing can meet and exchange ideas. After organizing several events in the promotion industry, we came up with the idea of starting a completely new trade fair in Denmark The goal was to bring suppliers and distributors closer together.

And that's how MYVENDO FAIR was born!

Myvendo Fair is a trade fair for professionals, and here you can find everything related to advertising and promotional products.

MYVENDO FAIR is held every year in Odense Congress Center in week 10. We have been successful from the beginning, and since our first fair with 65 exhibitors in 2017, the fair has grown bigger and bigger. In 2024, 132 exhibitors from 14 nations joined the fair, which now is the largest promotion fair in Scandinavia!

We are in rapid development, and in 2025 we will welcome you to the 9th fair. It is a fantastic forum for everyone working with promotion, corporate gifts, profile clothing, signs, and textile printing.

And remember, in 2020 we also launched a brand new online industry magazine called PROMOTION CREATOR - specifically designed for professionals in the promotion industry.

See you at MYVENDO FAIR #9 on 5. & 6. march 2025  at Odense Congress Center.

Kindest regards

Ole Larsen

Dont hesitate to contact me for further information, by email or phone +45 2720 0508.