rules and guidelines


1. Rules for use of the stand area

1.1 The right of utilisation cannot be loaned or hired to others.

1.2 The exhibition stand must be completed and exhibited items must be in place at the times stated before the fair opens, and take-down is not allowed until the exhibition closes. The exhibition stand must be open and manned throughout the fair period.

1.3 It is not permissible to place products, decorations, fixtures, etc., in the gangway and/or free areas.

1.4 Odense Congress Center has exclusive rights to serve food and beverages within the exhibition area. Samples can only be handed out with the prior approval of Odense Congress Center. This is because Odense Congress Center is responsible for ensuring compliance throughout the exhibition area with the laws and regulations of the authorities, including environmental and hygiene requirements pertaining to food regulations and licensing laws. Accordingly, it is only permissible to establish serving areas for food and beverages at the stands after obtaining approval from Odense Congress Center and in line with its specification of requirements. This way, you and your company are automatically covered by the Odense Congress Center spirits licence, and we have ensured compliance with the rules governing the storage and serving of foodstuffs. Exhibitors must not sell food or beverages under any circumstances. Please see section 4.

1.5 The stipulations of the Danish Ministry of Economic and Business Affairs concerning participation in exhibitions must be complied with. Rules and guidelines established by the Danish Working Environment Authority and any other public bodies must be adhered to closely. Personnel from these bodies must have unrestricted access to the stand area and their instructions must be followed.

1.6 Insurance: Odense Congress Center does not accept any liability (whether direct or via insurance) for the equipment exhibited. We recommend exhibitors get in touch with their own insurers with regard to insuring their own items or hired items on display. Please also note that commercial liability, corporate and transport insurance only includes loss or damage in transit, during unloading and loading, as well as simple theft during the fair, by special agreement. In addition, it is a requirement of all commercial insurance policies that working (hazardous) exhibition items be specially guarded.

1.7 Exhibited machinery, systems and devices of all kinds must be equipped with the prescribed safety components, whether or not they are in operation. All connections to power and/or compressed air must be in accordance with applicable norms. Demonstrations that produce dust, smoke, steam, odour, gas, etc., may only go ahead provided that there is effective removal of this pollution.

1.8 The floor area in the halls must be protected to the maximum extent possible. In the case of any kind of spillage, the floor must be covered, and only special tape may be used, available from Technical Services. Lorries can only be driven in the halls by agreement, and all motor vehicles with the engine running must have a hose attached to take the exhaust fumes out into the open.

1.9 Exhibited items and equipment of all kinds are present at the responsibility and risk of the exhibitor, and transportation to, from and in the exhibition area is to be arranged by the exhibitor at its own responsibility and risk. The exhibitor is liable for personal injury, as well as loss or damage to property or premises caused by the exhibitor, its personnel or equipment.

1.10 Use of the stand area is in all other respects conditional on the exhibitor’s compliance with stated rules. Infringement may lead to the exhibitor being expelled, and this may happen if, in the event organiser’s opinion, the exhibitor and/or its personnel behave inappropriately or contrary to good marketing practice. In the event of expulsion, the event organiser is free to use the exhibition area without the exhibitor being released from its payment obligation.

1.11 Personnel from the public authorities or from Technical Services must always be allowed into the stand. Any corrective advice from the authorities or from Technical Services must always be complied with.

2. Rules concerning stand construction/design and guidelines for use of stand equipment

2.1 There must be no construction outside the hired area. Covering more than 50 % of the sides towards each aisle is not allowed.

2.2 The exhibitor is responsible for fitting out the stand area. Moreover, the exhibitor undertakes to keep the stand open and to have it properly manned during the exhibition period. Rules established by Odense Congress Center, the Fire Service and/or other authorities must be complied with.

2.3 The design of the structure must not inconvenience neighbouring stands by means of light, laser beams, sound/loudspeaker systems, noisy behaviour, undecorated white stand walls, etc. Use of loudspeakers, the showing of films, light shows, etc., is only allowed if it does not inconvenience the neighbouring stands. It should be noted that the noise level 1 m from the stand must not exceed 85 dB(A).

2.4 Structures on the perimeter of the area must not exceed 2.5 m in height before rising at an angle of 45o in towards the centre of the area. In cases where deviation from this is desired, a drawing must be submitted to Technical Services for final approval.

2.5 Construction (and take-down) of the stand area must take account of the safety of personnel and visitors.

2.6 The exhibitor must agree to comply with the deadlines established by the event organiser for any given event. Where deadlines are exceeded, the exhibitor undertakes to pay any additional costs arising, e.g. extra personnel costs.

2.7 Two-storey stands are only allowed by prior agreement with the fair organiser as well as Odense Congress Center Technical Services. A drawing must be submitted and Odense Fire Service shall make the final decision in each particular case. Stands on which an upper storey is established must be equipped with a sprinkler system. Please read Section 3. Fire Service rules.

2.8 Stand construction must not include materials such as cardboard, paper, textiles, plastic products, etc., that are easily ignited, explosive or emit toxic fumes in a fire. No materials more combustible than wood may be used. Accordingly, curtain fabrics must have fire-retardant impregnation in accordance with the directions of the Fire Service and the manufacturer. For all main lines ordered in connection with your own machinery or other installations, the “mains current directive” – “Stærkstrømsregulativet” requires mains leads to terminate in a CEE/Euro plug.

2.9 Putting nails and screws directly into the stand plates and sign friezes is strictly prohibited. Similarly, painting/writing on the stand equipment is also prohibited.

2.10 Items can be hung using a variety of fittings, which can be borrowed/purchased from Technical Services. Please be aware that borrowed fittings, etc., must be handed back to Technical Services after use/after the fair – otherwise you will be invoiced for these. Lightweight materials can also be hung up using special tape, available for purchase from Technical Services.

2.11 Note that all tape, etc., must be removed from plates, friezes and floors when you hand back the stand – otherwise you will be invoiced for new stand material as follows: Stand panels DKK 500.00
Friezes DKK 200.00 per running metre
Floors and other equipment according to invoice.
Prices exclude VAT and are also applicable to any other type of damage to or soiling of equipment.

2.12 Handing back the stand area after use. The stand area must be cleared of rubbish at hand-back after use/after the fair, and rubbish must be placed in the appropriate waste receptacles/containers. The floor must also be cleaned and any remaining tape removed. Otherwise, the exhibitor will be invoiced for clear-up/cleaning.

2.13 Regulatory policies. Please note that the stated rules, construction rules and regulations established by fire and / or other authorities must be observed. In particular, reference is made to “Trafik- og Byggestyrelsens” (The Danish Construction Authority’s) rules: concerning Transportable Structures:
Stands with a 1st floor and tall scenes/podiums towers and tents: According to the building authorities all materiel used in the following constructions must be properly certified:
• Stands with multiple storeys to which people have access.
• Scenes, podiums, walkways, towers more than 1 meter in height (measured from the hall floor to the top of the construction).
• Covered scenes
• Tents more than 50 square meter floor area.
Proper documentation for the above must be provided at the request of the authorities.
Alternatively, approval of non certified building materiel can be sought at:
Odense Kommune • Flakhaven 2 • 5000 Odense C • Phone: +45 7873 3615
Contact must be via NEM ID or Digital Signature
The exhibition management shall have the final say in cases of doubt – and can require any structure that infringes the above rules to be dismantled.
In cases of doubt, please contact Technical Services

3. Rules conc. fire and security. Build-up and vehicles.

A fire at a fair would of course be catastrophic, and hence you must become acquainted with the Fire Service's rules: The Fire Service must approve the fair, and the instructions and orders of fire safety inspector must always be followed.
A fair/exhibition at Odense Congress Center is encompassed by the Danish Preparedness Act with its associated operational regulations.
The information below comprises the Fire Service's (Beredskab Fyn) supplement to the Danish Emergency Management Agency's operational regulations for hotels, etc., rest homes, community centres, educational premises, daycare institutions and shops. The guideline provisions in the information have been prepared in co-operation with the emergency management authorities in 5 other municipalities.
Concerning building a 2-storey stand
- please contact Odense Congress Center as soon as possible.

3.1 Sprinkling
The halls are furnished with a sprinkler system. If it is desired that stands have coverings, then the covering must as a point of departure consist of a material that has a flameproof finish and is 80 % water penetrable. Stands that it is desired be covered with material that is NOT water penetrable and which exceed 15 m2 must have sprinkling.
Drawings for approval of the construction, and documentation of the water penetrability of the covering must be submitted to Odense Congress Center within the deadline for technical orders.
Documentation of the covering must be preserved at the stand and be able to be exhibited upon request.
All stands which incorporate busses, camping vehicles, containers and the like, or which are built with 2 storeys, must be evaluated separately by Odense Congress Center for purposes of any possible sprinkling or the establishment of special fire safety measures.
The sprinkling will be arranged by Odense Congress Center’s external supplier. Expenses for such will be defrayed by the exhibitor. Alternatively, expenses for fire safety may be expected if the Fire Service (Beredskab Fyn) assesses that this solution will be used in connection with the event.
Odense Congress Center reserves the right to reject inquiries concerning fixed coverings in the event that the scope of fixed stand coverings in the entire exhibition hall exceeds 25 %.

3.2 Emergency exits and fire hoses
No exhibitor may cover, hide or close emergency exits, water-filled hose reels or fire alarms. Nor may you place exhibition objects in gangways or in front of emergency exits.
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Odense Congress Center ● Ørbækvej 350 ● DK-5220 Odense SØ ● Tel. +45 6556 0100 ● E-mail:
In closed rooms where people are present for long periods (meeting rooms, offices and the like), two exits must always be established.
Depot, kitchenette and the like require only one exit.

3.3 Stand construction and decorations
Requirements for facings, decorations and other materials for constructing the stand are described in the Operational regulations.
Floors at a stand may however, as per the assessment of the emergency management authorities, be permitted to be covered with flame retardant materials, whereas floors in gangways must not be covered with material any worse than the normal floor covering of the premises.
Decorations and scenography of combustible materials must be impregnated with fire retardants (documentation must be exhibited upon request), or be sufficiently moistened.
See in general Operational regulations for hotels, etc., rest homes, community centres, daycare institutions and shops at:

3.4 Inflammable gases (LPG, acetylene, etc.)
If LPG (bottled gas) or pressurised bottles of another type are brought for an exhibition, such must be reported to Odense Congress Center. The same deadline as for technical orders.
Temporary gas installations are encompassed by section B-5 of the Danish Gas Regulations. The individual responsible for operation must display the control certificate shown in appendix 1 of the Regulations, encompassing all the gas installations in the premises. The certificate will be filled in by an authorised gas installation technician.
Acetylene bottles must due to their properties (unstable) not be placed in the halls.
Filled gas bottles must be removed from the area of the fair, for storage outside, at the daily close of the exhibition, as well as in the event of a fire/alarm.
Contact Odense Congress Center for references to a safe storage area.
Bottles that solely serve decorative purposes must be factory new and empty.
See in general section B-5 of the Gas Regulations at:

3.5 Inflammable fluids
There must be no containers with explosive and inflammable fluids in the halls.

3.6 Motor vehicles at stands
If motor vehicles are at the stand, then such must be reported to Odense Congress Center. The same deadline as for technical orders.

Gasoline: The quantity of fuel in the motor vehicle must be limited to approx. 5 litres.
Diesel: If the diesel tank is made of a material that melts under fire, for example aluminum, composite or similar material, the content of diesel in the tank must be limited to a maximum of 5 liters. If the diesel tank is made of a material that does not melt under fire, for example steel, the tank must be full.
The distance between each car must be at least one meter. This means that the car door can be opened completely without hitting the next car. Odense Congress Center reserves the right to refuse vehicles that are not reported.
For ”normal” factory-produced or type-approved vehicles, the vehicle's battery shoe/battery may remain mounted. Other motor vehicles, including non-type-approved, must not stand with an applied voltage after the daily closing of the fair.
Vehicles with an external power supply without a charging function must not stand with an applied voltage after the daily closing of the exhibition.
Charging of batteries: the area must be fitted out with respect to Danish Institute of Fire and Security Technology (DBI) regulations 21, subsection 3.3, concerning the use of motorised implements in commercial enterprises.
Hydrogen vehicles must not be exhibited with hydrogen in the tank or the like.
Electrical vehicles must, when being exhibited, have their own fire extinguishing material placed at the stand.
Trucks/vans: All trucks and vans must be fully fuelled (diesel). Patrols: If the exhibition features one truck or more than three cars (including movers without trailers), regular patrols must be organized outside of exhibition opening hours.

3.7 Use of open flame
Use of open flame, including any form of candles, for decorative use, must not be done at exhibition stands.
Use of open flame at stands may be permitted by a written application to Odense Congress Center. It is a precondition for any possible permission that the product that is being demonstrated, with respect to the effect of the demonstration, be dependent upon the use of open flame. Suitable fire extinguishing material must be placed at the stand.
Use of open flame, including candles, can normally be accepted in the general food service areas of the Congress Center, set-ups of tables/chairs and similar areas without exhibited objects and inflammable decorations. Further fire extinguishing material is not required here. If candles are desired at stands, an application concerning such must be made to Odense Congress Center.
Use of a bioethanol fireplace or similar products may be permitted, on the condition that they are set up/installed with respect to the supplier's instructions that the supplier's other safety provisions are complied with. During the hours the fair is open, no form of repouring between containers may be performed. No reserve stock of liquids may be found at the stand, and the fireplace's combustion chamber must be covered over at closing time if there still is any liquid remaining. Suitable fire extinguishing material must be found at the stand.

3.8 Overnight stays in the halls by people and animals
No overnight stays may be made in the halls since these are for fairs, exhibitions and the like.

3.9 Electrical safety
The Danish Safety Technology Authority conducts on-going tightened inspections of electrical installations in premises where more than 150 persons can gather. The provisions that are applicable also apply for exhibitors in such premises. If the general safety provisions are not complied with, the Odense Congress Center may find it necessary to disconnect the supply of electricity to the stand. Any possible consequential expenses incurred in connection with this are not the concern of Odense Congress Center.
See in general the Electrical Safety Act at:

3.10 Special stand designs
It is the exhibitor's obligation to ensure that its own stand design is in accordance with the applicable building legislation. This applies especially when:
• you wish to build a stand with a 2-storey height
• tall platforms are incorporated into the stand design, structures and the like, which are subjected to heavy goods.
In special cases you must apply for approval from the building authorities.
See section 2.13 or:
You are requested to always submit drawings for approval of stand designs to Odense Congress Center.

4. Food and beverages

4.1 As a point of departure, preparing food at the stand or serving food from an outside supplier is not permitted at Odense Congress Center.

4.2 The reasons for this include that Odense Congress Center is responsible for the laws and regulations of the Danish authorities being followed, including environmental and hygiene requirements from the Municipal Food Safety Unit and the Danish Licensing Act being adhered to in the entire exhibition area.

4.3 Applications must always be made to Odense Congress Center for permission in connection with the serving of food and beverages at the exhibition area. Provision of food as well as tasting samples may only take place with the prior consent of Odense Congress Center.

4.4 Such will be evaluated and a decision made, in each individual instance, by Odense Congress Center, and it is solely and only Odense Congress Center who can make the decision concerning an exemption and no others.

4.5 Exemption
Exemptions may be granted for the delivery of food products to the stand, provided that a number of guidelines and requirements are fulfilled. Differentiated requirements apply for exemptions in the cases below.

4.6 Preparation of food from fully prepared raw materials
Fully prepared food products comprise, for example: sausages, shop-baked bread, soft serve ice cream, factory prepared frozen goods, etc.
Exemptions for handling and serving are only granted in instances where the delivery and handling of food products from the stand is performed by personnel with a hygiene course. Water and drainage must be installed at the stand, the food products must be traceable back through the supplier chain. Storage of raw materials at the stand must comply with applicable rules – including temperature, cleaned surfaces, no food products on the floor, etc.

4.7 Preparation of food from fresh raw materials
Fresh raw materials are, for example: Meat, fish, forcemeat, pancakes, dough production. In general, foods with a high bacteria risk.
It is a requirement that all raw materials be purchased by Odense Congress Center and prepared at Odense Congress Center's kitchen facilities by Odense Congress Center's personnel.
If, for example, you wish to fry meatballs at the stand, the forcemeat must be purchased via OCC.
Exemptions for handling and serving are only granted in instances where the delivery and handling of food products from the stand is performed by personnel with a hygiene course. Water and drainage must be installed at the stand, the food products must be traceable back through the supplier chain. Storage of raw materials at the stand must comply with applicable rules – including temperature, cleaned surfaces, no food products on the floor, etc.

4.8 Serving of food/beverages delivered by an external supplier without preparation
Food/beverages delivered by an external supplier comprises for example: pastry man, fruit, sandwiches, catering of any type, coffee cart, etc.
Since inquiries in this category are broadly distributed, Odense Congress Center will evaluate the criteria for exemptions on an inquiry-by-inquiry basis.

4.9 Handling of food products within the triviality limit
Food products within the triviality limit comprise for example: sweets, peanuts, popcorn, soda pop and the like.
For such things it is NOT necessary to seek an exemption at Odense Congress Center.
In general, it must be expected that for all food products outside the triviality limit there will be a fee to Odense Congress Center (”corkage”) in connection with exemptions for food served at the stand.
Odense Congress Center itself solely makes decisions concerning exemptions

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