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Xindao is now XD Connects
Gifting is part of our culture. Sadly, it is also wasteful and bad for the planet

Our world demands to change the way we give. As a gift company, we should be the first to comply. That’s why we’re changing a lot of things around here, including our name.


Changing the way we give

Since 1986 we have been innovating as a gift company under the name ‘Xindao’, meaning new directions. Since then change has always been at the core of our business. Today change is more relevant than ever. Our world requires industries to change to have a lower impact on the environment. Under our new name XD connects, we want to change the gift industry. Starting with ourselves. We strive for positive change by providing the best low impact gifts, which connects businesses with their employees and customers whilst minimising the impact on the environment.


Our ambition to change 
Our ambition towards 2030 is reflected in both Social and Environmental goals. For Environmental we have two main goals: Becoming a CO2 neutral company in 2030 by offsetting, and more importantly reducing our CO2 footprint in our product collection and our operations.


Xindao is now XD Connects.

We are deeply connected with our cause to inspire positive change throughout the industry.


Our ambition towards 2030 is based on both social and environmental goals. To become a CO2 neutral company we focus on reducing our footprint and compensate for what we cannot reduce.