UMA Schreibgeräte Ullmann GmbH

Fritz-Ullmann-Weg 3, DE 77716 Fischerbach, Tyskland

uma Schreibgeräte Ullmann


The Black Forest family business has claimed innovation leadership in the world of promotional writing instruments for many years.

Innovative model designs - innovative materials - innovative surfaces …


uma Schreibgeräte – sustainability in focus



We hope you will agree that sustainability is an ever more urgent challenge in our world, and we want to share our emphasis on sustainable actions. We have made significant investments in renewable energy to power our company. We owe it to our town of Fischerbach – the sun terrace of the Kinzigtal region in the Black Forest, to

lead by example in preserving our town and the planet. Our solar efforts are perfect for this sunny region where our company uma Schreibgeräte Ullmann GmbH is located. Still, there are occasional needs to use power from other resources but when the sun shines, we feed excess power back to the community. The world’s most modern finishing line for promotional writing instruments and each writing instrument is finished in a 100% climate-neutral process. Additionally, we use renewable energies for heating, using a highly efficient pellet system created from trees specifically farmed in our local forests for renewable energy.