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The pollution of our oceans with plastic waste is a worldwide problem. You can complain about it. Or you can actively do something about it - like we do. The new uma PET PEN PRO OCEAN is not only a fancy writing instrument. It is also an active contribution to the sustainable protection of our planet's oceans.

For years, we have builz s a reputation as a leader in sustainable promotional writing instruments. The focus is on the RECYCLED PET PEN series, in which old PET bottles are upcycled into new writing instruments. The RECYCLED PET PEN PRO OCEAN is a new addition to this series. Because unfortunately, where do you find such old PET bottles (much too) often? Exactly - on beaches and estuaries of this world! For precisely this reason, uma has set out to change this situation. The result is the new uma OCEAN, a chic retractable ballpen made of recycled PET material from Ocean Bound Plastic with a matt-finished barrel and clip.


In cooperation with the non-profit Plastic Bank®, an exemplary model was created: the Ocean Bound Plastic collected by Plastic Bank, also known as Social Plastic®, is upcycled in Europe into a sustainable rPET writing instrument. Thanks to European and climate-neutral production, the uma RECYCLED PET PEN PRO OCEAN makes an additional sustainalble contribution to the protection of the environment. Which makes it even more sustainable: Each uma RECYCLED PET PEN PRO OCEAN can be refilled with a new refill and later completely returned to the recycling cycle.


Besides the good feeling of responsibility, the new uma OCEAN has much more to offer. For example, an elegant design in up to six chic, discreet standard colours, which can even be implemented in the customer's Corporate Identity on request: Isn't that a perfect foundation for attention-grabbing advertising messages with significance? It almost goes without saying that the interior with the proven uma refill also stands for lasting writing pleasure.