The Netherlands


Who are we?
With more than 90 years of experience, Toppoint is a renowned supplier of promotional items and gifts that enable you and your customers to strengthen relationships. Our extensive range consists of high-quality and sustainable products. If you are looking for original and personalized promotional items, we are the supplying partner for you.

We have our own trade and production companies in the Netherlands, Germany and Poland. Our headquarter is located in the Netherlands. Furthermore, we have representatives in Germany, France, Belgium, Italy and Scandinavia. Since 2002, Toppoint is been part of the Swedish listed company New Wave Group.

Our mission
A skilled and passionate team that likes to think with you as a promotional partner to get the best out of you. We get excited by the results we achieve for our partners.

Together, we really immerse ourselves in the wishes of the end customer, complement each other and support each other along. And all this with one goal in mind: a complete package of appropriate promotional products and optimal service for the end customer.

Core values:

  • Quality - We stand for quality in everything we do product, print and service.
  • Innovative - Our own design products and high-quality printing techniques reflect our innovative character.
  • Committed - We are strongly committed to our customers, colleagues and organization.
  • Sustainability - We take our responsibility in the pursuit of safe promotional items consisting of sustainable raw materials produced under socially acceptable conditions.

The grandfather of the current director, Bas Lensen, started a in paper (papeterie) trading company in 1928. He delivered all kinds of paper, cardboard, packaging materials to companies in the Twente and Meppel region (the Netherlands) on a cargo bike.

It was not only the production of paper and pens alone, because the range was expanded with among others lighters and ceramics. The company expanded several times. After a big fire in the mid-1970s, Lensen senior realized the big picture and the production facility in Bergentheim (the Netherlands) was rebuilt to create sufficient space for the continued growth and development.

Meanwhile, Toppoint has grown into a multinational with offices in various European countries. The company's headquarters is since 2019 situated in Hengelo, the Netherlands.