Schwarzenbach 9
78144 Schramberg


Schneider is an established brand for writing instruments and not only the oldest, but also the leading manufacturer of branded ballpoint pens in Germany. This is an immediate advantage, especially when it comes to promotional writing instruments.


Since 1960, Schneider has been producing customised writing instruments in accordance with the customer's individual wishes. We have everything in our own hands: the development and production of the writing instrument, the creation of the printing tools and the final printing process. We are experts in all common printing techniques. All our writing instruments are produced 100% in Germany and the production sites of our family business are located in recreational areas in the Black Forest and the Harz Mountains. Environmental responsibility has therefore always been firmly anchored in our company policy and is an important element in our manufacturing and sales activities. One expression of this is our certification according to the world's most demanding environmental management system in accordance with the EU Eco-Management and Audit Scheme (EMAS). Our "Made in Germany" label guarantees outstanding quality and compliance with demanding ecological and social standards. In addition, it is also an expression of an attitude: the abstention from production in low-wage countries. This gives you absolute security in terms of corporate social responsibility.


The Schneider brand offers our customers decisive advantages, both in terms of the well-known quality of the products as well as in terms of sustainability.


The high quality of the writing instruments is perceived by the users and is transferred to the brand printed on them.