Industrivägen 21, 33 372 Bredaryd, Sweden

Position yourself on sustainable, useful, and obvious products.

We live in a world full of communicative noise. It’s not easy to be heard for those

who want to reach out.

That’s where Plastprint has played its role - and that’s where Prident will continue to operate.

Communication relies on relationships. That’s what we help our clients with - creating

and reinforcing their relationship with their customers and target audience.

Who wouldn’t be happy with the little thing, perhaps received as a gift, that proves useful

in everyday life – it could be the parking disc with an ice scraper, the water bottle,

the coffee mug... or anything that, with our small imprint, reminds of the sender.

We have given that little thing an identity - it’s no longer an anonymous product but

a message carrier that encourages continued engagement.

With our products, we are a link, often the first one, in relationship building that requires

care, honesty, and long-term commitment - just like in any relationship.

This creates PR that strengthens our clients’ identity, and that’s the essence of our new name, Prident!

And please consider the ”place marker”, the symbol in our logo, not only as a location

but as a symbol of a meeting place where communication flows

and where you dare to take your place.

This is what we offer from Bredaryd, in the heart of Småland Sweden.