Vesterbrogade 149, 620 København V, Danmark

Based in Copenhagen, Denmark, with all manufacturing taking place in India, Neutral® is a market leading producer of sustainable apparel and accessories to the B2B-market. More than 100 responsibly made styles in over 30 colors.

Neutral® is the result of over 20 years of experience in the conventional textile industry, witnessing a constant pressure for lower prices at the expense of natural and human resources.

As a result, founders Lars Bech and Christina Larsen have been dedicated to developing a platform for sustainable clothing, manufactured with true respect for people and planet. In 2008, Neutral® officially became that platform.


  • Neutral® products are made from 100% organic Fairtrade cotton certified by GOTS and when using polyester, it’s GRS certified recycled plastic collected from the nature.
  • We treat and reuse wastewater and reduce and recycle waste. We only use the most environmentally friendly dyes and continuously innovate the way we make clothing. All according to the highest industry requirements demanded by the EU Ecolabel.
  • Our factory workers are hardworking people, and it is a central part of our DNA to make sure they always have good, safe working conditions so that they stay healthy and happy. By using SA8000, the highest international labor standard in the world, we know that's the case.
  • Instead of using conventional energy Neutral® products are manufactured using only sun and wind energy. That way, Neutral® Responsibility helps reduce CO2 and is beneficial for both local environment and global climate.
  • The way we produce means safe and healthy products – no hazardous chemicals or any other harmful substances. The Oeko-Tex label is your final guarantee that Neutral® products are clean and ready to wear.


Having international sustainability standards covering the entire supply chain, the Neutral® business case is built on the highest social, ethical and environmental criteria for clothing production. Defined and monitored by external organizations, the certificates are our way of making the most responsible clothing we can.

By applying these standards, we've set some objective criteria for the production of every single Neutral® product. That way, you know that when choosing Neutral®, your choice has a direct positive impact on people, planet and nature.