Here you can find all the practical information about the fair and if you have any questions,

you can contact us by mail or phone +45 2720 0508


IMPORTANT, please read the OCC manual which will be send to all exhibitors in November.




  • We have pre-booked hotel rooms at the OCC hotel at the venue, and at the Hotel Odeon in Odense City.
  • Book and pay your hotel rooms directly at OCC HOTEL and at the HOTEL ODEON. Deadline for booking with dicount: Please see under D.
  • Please notice that the number of rooms are limited.
  • Hotel booking discount code:

    Hotel Odense OCC at the fair= myvendo 22 

    Hotel Odeon in the City = myvendo2022

Arrival at HALL C:

  • Before the fair, you will receive a floor plan with information of easy access to your stand. Access to hall C is through gates in the north and south sides of the hall. Do not drive with pallet lifters in the north entrance / reception area.
  • Your stand is clearly marked with exhibitor name and stand number.
  • Please come to the reception in the entrance North and pick up your exhibitor cards. Remember to register all employees on the stand before arrival.
  • If you need technical assistance, you can contact OCC's "Technical Service" which can be found next to the reception in Entrance North.




Buildup and dismantling:

  • Access to Hall C is through North Gate and South Gate.
  • Hall C is open for buildup on Tuesday, March 8th. at 8:00 to 22:00. Please note that all walking areas / aisles must be cleared at 17:00 for cleaning and laying out carpets.
  • Hall C will also be open for simple build-up Wednesday 9th. from 7:30 to 8:30. You are not allowed to use pallet lifters Wednesday morning.
  • Dismantling of stands must only begin after the closing hours of the fair, Thursday, March 11th. at 16:00.
  • HALL C is open for dismantling on Thursday, March 11th. until 22:00. On Friday, March 12th. the HALL C is open from 8:00 to 16:00.
  • Goods must be picked up not later than Friday, March 12th. at 16:00.
  • If you need more time for building, this can be arranged. Just let us know your wishes HERE
  • Do not break down your stand before time. Even if your feet are tired after 2 days on the fair, keep up for the last half hour. Do not pack before closing time.




Cleaning on the stands:

  • Vacuum cleaning will be done on the stand and in the aisles on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings.


Conditions for renting a stand:

  • A stand can be reserved for a maximum of 2 weeks and only if agreed by the organizer.
  • Rental of a stand is confirmed by order confirmation sent from Myvendo Fair by e-mail and is binding according to terms of sale as stated in attachment to the order confirmation. Please read the terms carefully and should there be any disagreements in the order confirmation, you as exhibitor, must promptly notify us in order to adjust the order confirmation to the correct agreement.
  • In particular you must pay attention to conditions regarding cancellation of a booked and confirmed stand.
  • Subletting or lending of the rented stand is not allowed, and the exhibitor may not advertise for companies that are not registered as exhibitor.
  • If several exhibitors want to rent a joint stand or a pavilion, we would be happy to make a special offer for this.



  • For the time being ther are no covid19 restrictions. In case of changes, you can find updates HERE.





December 1st. 2021:

  • Deadline for choosing carpet color for your stand. Please see info on your order confirmation.

January 3rd 2022:

  • Open for visitor- and exhibitor registration.

January 6th. 2022:

  • Webshop for ordering of technical services at venue Odense Congress Center opens. You will get a login adn password from OCC.

January 7th. 2022:

  • Submit info and logo to the exhibitor list / profile page on Pleas remember - we use the exhibitor information for FaceBook, LinkedIn, and newsletters for marketing and advertising the fair.
  • Submit advertisement to the SUPPLIER CATALOGUE (Fair Catalog) - we will send info in advance.
  • Discount on hotel rooms. Book your hotel rooms directly at OCC HOTEL and at the HOTEL ODEON. Your discount code: MYVENDO. Limited number of rooms.

January 20th. 2022:

  • Ordering of technical services at venue Odense Congress Center.

February 11th. 2022:

  • Sign up for SHOW POINT HERE.
  • Sign up for TAKE AWAY SAMPLES HERE .

February 17th. 2022:

  • MYVENDO FAIR must receive products for SHOWPOINT accordnig to the sign-up information.
  • Describtion of your product to UNDER THE CHRISTMAS TREE must be send to Myvendo Fair

February 21th. 2022:

  • Ordering rental furniture. HERE.

February 25th. 2022:

  • Sign up for NETWORK EVENING. HERE.

March 7th. 2022:

  • Delivery of goods to the fair. Se details under: "L" logistics.

Dining and food during build up:

  • On the build up day you can buy sandwiches, bewerages in "TECHNICAL SERVICE" office next to the reception in Entrance North.
  • Free coffee in the MOCCADELI coffee bar.

Dining and food during the fair:

  • During opening hours everyone can eat in the restaurant in Hall C restaurant where good food is served at reasonable prices.
  • If you want your lunch brought to you on your stand, you can order it through OCC's web shop.
  • In the MOCCADELI coffee bar, you can get free coffee, chocolates, water and snacks throughout the fair, including all the coffee you need at your stand.


  • Do not break down your stand before time. Even if your feet are tired after 2 days on the fair, keep up for the last half hour. Do not pack before closing time at 16:00.



Exhibitor cards:

  • Remember to register all staff on the stand before arrival and bring your registration by phone or in print. You will get your exhibitor cards at the MYVENDO FAIR reception in Entrance North.
  • Order Exhibitor Cards HERE. (opens on January 3rd.)


Exhibitor manual and webshop Odense Congress Center:

  • User and login information to the OCC tecnical webshop will be sent to you by email.
  • Your orders in OCC webshop will be confirmed by OCC and you will receive your invoice from OCC.
  • Need your user and login to the webshop? please get it HERE.
  • Please read the OCC exhibitor manual HERE.




Fair catalogue / Supplier catalogue:

  • All exhibitors have one full-page advertisement in the SUPPLIER CATALOGUE 2022 for free. Let your add show what you do best.
  • The SUPPLIER CATALOGUE is handed out, free of charge to all visitors at the fair.
  • Ask for technical specification for the ad HERE:


Floor Plan:

  • The floor plan changes continuously until the last registration day. You can always order an updated floor plan HERE


Furniture Rental:

  • You can rent furniture for your stand in our furniture shop HERE. Deadline for order, please look under D.




Garbage containers:

  • During build, several garbage containers are placed in the hall. Please remember to fold cardboard boxes.




IT and Internet:

  • Free wireless internet connection is available throughout the OCC area. If you need a wired internet connection at your stand, this can be ordered through OCC's webshop.



  • The exhibitor is responsible for the necessary insurance, including liability and theft insurance, to cover the stand and exhibition gear brought along.
  • Exhibitor is responsible for any damage inflicted on the organizer or OCC's property and/or materials.





  • Almost all Scandinavians speak English very well, so don’t worry about talking to the visitors in English.

Logistics partner of the fair is:

ST Messelogistik


Oerbaekvej 350

5220 Odense SO


Contact person: Steen Thorvaldsson.


Phone: +45 2296 8183


Delivery of goods – not earlier than Friday, March 4th. 2022 at 08:00.

Shipments of goods to your stand must be addressed as follows:


Stand number and company name.

C / O Odense Congress Center.

Oerbaekvej 350.

DK-5220 Odense SO.



  • All goods, sent to the fair will be delivered to your stand, and after building up, your goods will be stored at ST Messelogistik.
  • Please contact ST Messelogistik for information about the price for the storage of empty goods.
  • After closing time your empty goods will be returned to your stand. Please have patience with the logistics people as goods must be transported to many stands.
  • You can find detailed information in the OCC Exhibitor Manual.
  • Pick up of goods for return, must be no later than Friday March 11th. 16:00




Network Party:

  • The network party is the cozy evening, where exhibitors and customers meet for good food and surprising entertainment.
  • Deadline for ordering tickets: Please look under D.
  • There are a limited number of tickets so you should book your tickets in good time.
  • Program and price will be updated later.




Opening hours:

  • Wednesday, March 9th. 2022: 9:00 -17:00
  • Thursday, March 10th. 2022: 9:00 -16:00
  • As an exhibitor at MYVENDO FAIR, you are committed to exhibit and having staff on your stand throughout the opening hours of the fair.

Odense Congress Center Exhibitor Webshop and Manual:

  • User and login information to the OCC tecnical webshop will be sent to you by email.
  • Your orders in OCC webshop will be confirmed by OCC and you will receive your invoice from OCC.
  • Need your user and login to the webshop? please get it HERE.
  • Please read the OCC exhibitor manual HERE.

Organizer / Reception:

  • Contact to the organizer +45 2720 0508 and at the reception in entrance NORTH.




  • OCC has approx. 1500 free parking lots.
  • Please use the exhibitor parking in the south parking area, as parking at entrance North is reserved for our visitors.




Show Points:

  • All exhibitors can submit products and news to our SHOW POINTs.
  • Read more and sign up HERE. Deadline for sign up, please look under D.


Stand number:

  • Your booth number will appear on your order confirmation and will be visible on the booth when you arrive.
  • During the opening hours of the fair, your stand number and company name are placed on the floor in front of your stand.


Stand information:

  • The stand is constructed with white stand walls, LED spot above the stand, power socket and carpet. The power supply on the stand is 220V/6amp, which is sufficient for charging phones, TV screens or a fridge. If you need more power, for example a coffee machine, you must order 10amp power in the OCC webshop.
  • Height of stand walls is 250cm.
  • The stand walls is made of white laminate board with aluminum profiles.
  • Its not allowed to screw or nail anything on to the boards. Please us as special tape for mounting on the boards. Tape can be purchased in TECHNICAL SERVICE. See more in OCC's webshop.
  • Broken or destroyed walls must be replaced. The cost will be informed to you after inspection by OCC. Invoice will be issued by OCC.
  • You can order additional equipment for your stand through the OCC Exhibitor Manual.




Take Away Samples:

  • TAKE AWAY SAMPLES are the area where you can have a "basket" for samples that visitors can take home for free.
  • Read more about TAKE AWAY SAMPLEs and sign up HERE. Deadline for sign up, look under D.


Technical Service OCC:

  • During build-up and dismantling, OCC TECHNICAL SERVICE office is open and can help with almost anything you can think of! TECHNICAL SERVICE office can be found next to the reception in Entrance North.
  • In the exhibitor webshop you can order all kind of tecnical services. OCC will confirm and send you the invoice. Please pay directly to OCC according to the invoice.



Under The Christmas Tree:

  • The new trend zone highlighting christmas presents. Deadline for submitting, please see under D.
  • Read more about Under The Christmas Tree and sign up HERE.

Thank you for reading to the end.